संभव रचना इतिहास नहीं|

यदि लुप्त हो मन का संबल,
स्वयंभूति विश्वास नहीं|
तो, यह सत्य अटल है इतना,
संभव रचना इतिहास नहीं|

किसका कितना दर्श करेगा,
किस-किस को स्पर्श करेगा|
यदि चेतना मृत हो तेरी,
तो, तू क्या स्पष्ट करेगा|
संशय की जिह्वा में लिपटी,
यह अनुभूति उपहास नहीं|
संभव रचना इतिहास नहीं|

हे! स्वयं तुम्हारा क्या परिचय?
क्यूँ परिभाषा तुम खोते?
तुम व्यक्त हुए तो, व्यक्ति हो,
अन्यथा पकड़ अब क्यूँ रोते|
अभी शेष संदर्भ तुम्हारा,
व्यथा कोई उपवास नहीं|
संभव रचना इतिहास नहीं|


3 Responses to संभव रचना इतिहास नहीं|

  1. drvishwassaxena says:

    my favorite poet and poet par excellent!I have read your golden linings and every word of each lines record annals of socialvalues,satire,ornamentation,metaphor,paradoxand what not.And best of it in a fast fading era you are keeping hindi not only alive but glittering like a jewel!now coming to the essence of your poem,
    well by your wholesome worldly aescetic poetry you have already created a history and my friend you have attained a height,where I beleive history would depend on your existence to survive its being and you dont really need it but create it.yayawar is a travellor whose every mile covered creates an epoch and era of history,I am glad to see verses of two brilliant illuminaries of verses one is you who scales miles as a crusade of search of human values and flood of emotions and an another poet floats like a stream to irrigate land to enable civilizations flourish.Its a very interesting task for me two watch brilliant interfernce of glorious poetic era in this millenium when men is not only devicing robots but also mechanising his emotions to mechanization killing this divine gift of god .Keep going yayawar keep going—–I hear a faint voice from past—-saying woods are loveley–dark —& deep ——and miles to go before i sleep.
    Dr Vishwas Saxena


  2. Rewa Smriti says:

    You have already created a history…

    Very nice poem…


  3. Sunil Sharma says:

    बाकी हर एक की तरह ये भी अद्वितीय है
    मुझे आपकी रचनाओं का बड़ा बेसब्री से इंतज़ार रहता है
    और आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद की आपने कभी निराश नहीं किया


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